BioSource Lab’s HCG Complex Diet Drops Product Review

BioSource Lab’s HCG Diet Complex drops is known to give the aspired result. Among all HCGdiet products available in the market, HCG Complex are known to give highest and most effective result, for the cost paid. Among most satisfied customers who have used HCG injections and HCG drops, a fortune of them has been seen to have used HCG Complex drops.

HCG Complex Customer review research

We researched over 400 Reviews on BioSource Lab’s Complex HCG Complex. We found that around 95% of the customers had seen an effective result with HCG complex plan. They were highly satisfied, and they said they would proudly recommend HCG Complex to their friends as well.

We also found that this 95% of them, strictly followed the HCG diet plan with the recommended do’s and don’ts during all the phases of the HCG diet. On the other hand, when we tried finding why HCG Complex did not work effectively for the 5% of the folk, we found that most of them had not followed the diet plan properly, or had failed to take HCG drops correctly.

HCG Complex Ingredients and its uses

hcg-complex-ingredientsBioSource Lab’s HCG Complex have a range of ingredients which are superior in quality. They not only help you in the endeavor of your weight loss but at the same time help your journey, by doing zero harm to your health. Apart from the base ingredient, which is HCG, there are other ingredients including, Arginine, L-Carnitine,-Leucine, Nat-Phos Cell Salts, Vitamin B 12, Panax, Q unique folium, Fucus Vesiculosus, Ornithine, Mag Phos Cell Salts and L-Glutamic Acid. The ingredients have been carefully chosen and added to the product to serve the purpose of both weight loss and health benefits. Each and every ingredient has its own reason to be present within the product. For example, if vitamin B12 keeps your nerves and red blood cells healthy, then Mag Phos Cell Salts may relieve the symptoms of hiccups, muscle cramps, nausea, upset stomach, and muscle spasms.


What if the HCG Complex diet drops don’t work for me after I have purchased it?

However, as per terms, HC Complex guys had agreed that we would return the money back to the people for whom the HCG diet plan did not work effectively, we did return their money back.

While 95% of the customers were happy that the HCG diet helped them shed down extra pounds, the other 5% were also glad that they got their money back, and they did not have to lose anything.

How can I believe that the ingredients used are safe for me?

The ingredients in BioSource Lab’s HCG complex is all natural and manufactured in an FDA approved Laboratory. All the ingredients within HCG complex have been tried, tested and declared that it is safe for consumption. There is no study to show any significant harm to health, caused due to the consumption of any of the ingredients that are present in HCG Complex.

Do you have any promo code or discounts for purchase?

We understand that many people are at the risk of obesity, and not everybody can afford if the HCG diet plan becomes an expensive option. Thus, we see that HCG Complex comes up with a buy one and get one free deal. With this deal, you will be paying only 50% of the total amount of HCG diet drops. We regularly come up with such good deals, to save your pocket on HCG diet programs.

How much does it cost?

HCG diet drops are available at an affordable price. In fact, this is the most reasonable option for weight loss, when compared with other methods of weight loss methods.

Availability of HCG Complex

If we have found that HCG Complex is available in many online stores, they are also available over the counter without the prescription. You will surely find HCG Complex drops everywhere, apart from their own website at

HCG Complex proved results

The Results of BioSource Lab’s HCG Complex have a proven track record. Among 4000 Users of HCG Complex in the past 3 years have found enormous success with the use of the product. Over 500 are on a verge of going for the second round in next 4 months.

When we further researched to see the rate of success in these people. We found that most of them were able to lose up to 1 pound a day. However, results varied from person to person, which depended primarily on their diet. However, people who strictly followed the 21-day protocol of phase 2, with only HCG diet menu and HCG meal plan, did see themselves losing over 30 pounds.

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100% guaranteed result

Before you start using the BioSource Lab’s HCG diet drops, read the user instructions carefully Following the instructions properly for consuming HCG weight loss drops, with a combination of a low-calorie diet, the aspired result is 100% guaranteed.

HCG Complex Diet Plan

HCG Complex diet plan is different from the other diet plans. It provides a full 500, 800 and a 1200 calorie diet plan, with which you will easily know how to live on a low-calorie diet, in combination with HCG Complex drops. The diet plan is carefully designed, not only help lose weight without feeling hungry and weak but also to stay healthy throughout the diet program.

Weight loss could have never been so easy

It just involves three simple steps:

  • Buy HCG Complex Diet drops.
  • Take the drops as per the user instructions which comes along with the HCG Complex diet drops.
  • Follow the 21-day diet protocol properly.

That’s all what is needed. You will next only see yourself weighing lesser and lesser each day on your weighing machine.

You have to experience it to believe it. Buy HCG Complex now to start experiencing the easiest weight loss method.

No hidden costs

We only charge for HCG complex diet drops, for which you will be paying only 50 percent with the current offer. Shipping is absolutely free.


BioSource Lab’s HCG Complex diet drops, which has offered remarkable result to most of them who trusted it and gave it a go. We also want to show you few testimonials, so that you can evidence what customers themselves have to say about BioSource Lab’s HCG diet drops.

‘’I never knew I could lose all the extra pounds and come back to my original pre-pregnancy weight. After my second baby, I just blew up like a balloon. I became so frustrated and depressed after nothing worked for me including, walking, swimming, gym and slimming tables. I had almost given up when I learned about HCG Complex diet plan. Initially, I was skeptical. But later I decided to go for the last try. Today I feel very happy for easily fitting into my pre-pregnancy outfits.’’  – Linda

‘’I always felt embarrassed about my tummy fat. My 3-year-old child always used my tummy like a sofa to sit on it. Although I miss that joy of my son unable to find a cushiony place for me to sit, I do feel happy to have gone back to the same shape, which I used to have during my college days’’ – Michael

‘’I had a lot of fat deposits around my waist and thighs, although my shoulders and bust were normal. As a result, I found it very difficult to buy dresses which suitably fitted my abnormal body shape. Getting the dresses stitched for my abnormal size was the only option I always had. I am amazingly surprised that with just a 21 day of strict HCG diet, in combination with BioSource Lab’s HCG Complex diet drops is driving me crazy to go shopping and buy dresses of different brands. I don’t even have to go to trial room before purchase.’’– Chloe

Video Testimonial:

If you would want to hear a customer’s experience, then, watch this video, to know what one of our most happy customers have to say about BioSource Lab’s HCG Complex Drops.

HCG Complex




Controls Appetite


Ingredients Quality




Success Rate



  • Has over 97% success rate
  • 100% effective
  • 30-day money back guarantee
  • Contains recommended 55% HCG concentration
  • Has received overwhelming support and positive reviews


  • Mild side effects such as nausea and vomiting