Dr.Emma’s HCG Diet Protocol

Did you know the tall and lean models who walk in the fashion shows in Paris mostly suffer from an eating disorder called Bulimia where they eat and purge so that they can avoid weight gain? Or there are a few slim and cute girls who smoke cigarettes to reduce hunger pangs to stay in their size zero shape? They use all these techniques just to stay flat in the tummy because their body is the most important asset for them. But for a normal human being who works 8 hours in the office, comes back home to his wife and kids, plays with his dog and goes to a theme park in the weekend- life is all about having fun. They love to gorge unhealthy food, drink fizzes, do very little exercise or no exercise at all and tend to grow overweight in a period of few months. Such people realize the importance of health the hard way. Once progressive diseases start to attack them from all directions, they rush to nutritionists and look out for an alternative.

For such people, Dr. Simmons came up with a wonderful diet protocol known as the HCG Diet Protocol which guaranteed fast weight loss through crash dieting and burning of the accumulated body fat. However, in order to make the protocol even better in some aspects, Dr. Emma came up with her own HCG diet protocol where she has made a few changes compared to the earlier one. Here is a comprehensive review of the same with special mention to its high points:

What is Dr. Emma’s HCG protocol?

The regular HCG protocol involved a preparatory phase, an intense dieting phase and stabilization phase where the food and calorie count were measured strictly. In Dr. Emma’s modified protocol, she has modified these steps for the betterment. She has increased the daily calorie intake from 500 cal to some more and has added few supplements. She has actually increased the carbohydrate, protein content in the food in addition to extra minerals and vitamins without adding natural sugar and starches. She has also added mandatory exercises in her improvised diet protocol which HCG protocol did not include. Many people who have tried this diet protocol are happy as the results have been positive and enterprising.

How is it different from the original HCG protocol?

Here are the main differences between the original HCG protocol and Dr. Emma’s improvised diet protocols. Check these out in detail:

  1. There is an increase in the daily calorie count that one consumes during the intense dieting phase of the improvised diet plan. The exactly increased amount varies from person to person based on their body metabolic rate.
  2. Also, there is a slight difference in the HCG diet recipes created for the patient. In the new diet protocol, she has added stocks and some extra proteins.
  3. This new diet protocol guarantees about half a pound weight reduction per day unlikely the previous one which claimed to reduce 1-2 lbs per day.
  4. Dr. Emma’s diet protocol includes optional meal replacements and natural appetite suppressors along with a standard dose of HCG to reduce the overweight.

The difference between both these diet protocols is that the new plan lets the user eat what he wants and adjusts the rest by including strict exercise and workout regimen.

High points

Here are the main high points regarding Dr. Emma and her treatment. Go through these to get a better idea about this HCG diet plan:

  • The improved HCG diet is based on pure HCG injections and not on homeopathic HCG diet supplements which are diluted in HCG concentration. Thus, the real reason for quick and steady weight loss is the pure and concentrated HCG hormone.
  • Resting metabolic rate confirms that while fat is burning, in order to retain muscles it is mandatory to increase the calorie content and this is exactly what the improved HCG diet plan does.
  • This program includes strict exercise, be it walking around or cardio work out. Unless the user sweats his way, achieving the hard lean muscle and sculpted body is next to impossible
  • This improved diet plan has amazing recipes that can make one forget that he or she is actually dieting. The recipes are better compared to the earlier diet plan and are lot more tasty as well.

User reviews

Users who have tried this diet scheme have really felt happy with the positive results and differences that they experienced in their body. They have learned how to reduce the easily gained weight the hard way. With Dr. Emma’s nutrition chart, one finds it very easy to maintain the body and stop weight gain. And since all the techniques used in this diet protocol are natural, safe and organic there are literally no side effects and this attracts users to suggest this diet to their friends and family.

So, these are some of the very important aspects of the new updated Dr. Emma’s HCG protocol diet. Dr. Emma’s five step quick and efficient weight reduction plan has brought a huge grin on the faces of and contentment in the minds of a number of people. With such a promising weight loss plan from a medical practitioner herself, surely this diet protocol has everything that a guy wants to cross the path from being fat to fit.